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Welcome to Little Tree Publications & Food Forest, a multifaceted publishing endeavor that seeks to enrich lives through a diverse array of publications. Rooted in the core values of self-sufficiency, creativity, and community, our mission is to provide resources that empower individuals to lead more fulfilling lives in harmony with themselves and the world around them.

Little Tree Publications & Food Forest

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Metaphysical Science Fiction and Beyond:
Much like the profound explorations found in the works of Robin Coe, our publishing catalog encompasses metaphysical science fiction and fantasy that sparks the imagination and challenges the boundaries of conventional thought. While we cherish the unique insights of our beloved author, we also offer a wide range of literary tools to inspire creativity and self-discovery.

Writing and Self-Expression:
For those who wield the pen as their creative instrument, we offer an extensive collection of writing journals and novel outlining journals. Whether you’re embarking on a literary journey or simply seeking an outlet for self-expression, our journals provide a canvas for your thoughts and ideas to flourish.

Nurturing Green Thumbs:
At Little Tree Publications & Food Forest, we understand the profound connection between individuals and the earth they inhabit. Our gardening journals are designed to assist both novice and seasoned gardeners in cultivating vibrant, sustainable gardens. We celebrate the beauty of nurturing life from the soil and the joy of reaping the rewards.

Creative Exploration:
For artists seeking to unlock their full potential, we offer journals tailored to their unique needs. These tools encourage self-expression, experimentation, and the blossoming of artistic talents.

Project Planning and Learning:
Our project planning journals are indispensable for those embarking on DIY endeavors, helping individuals bring their visions to life with meticulous planning. Our homeschooling resources, meanwhile, empower families to foster a love of learning and curiosity in the home environment.

Identifying Truth Amidst the Noise:
In a world awash with information and misinformation, our publications on propaganda analysis equip readers with the skills to navigate the media landscape with discernment and critical thinking.

Mindful Relaxation:
For moments of leisure and mental reprieve, we offer coloring books and puzzle books like Sudoku, providing a delightful escape and an opportunity to unwind.

At Little Tree Publications & Food Forest, we believe that the pursuit of self-sufficiency and self-discovery is a journey worth embarking on. Our publications are more than just books; they are tools for personal growth, creativity, and a deeper connection with the world. Join us in our mission to nurture minds and lifestyles that are in harmony with nature and the boundless potential of the human spirit.

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