10 Most Unique Fishing Techniques

Ice Fishing in Vladivostok, Russia

Fishing is one of the oldest and most popular pastimes in the world, with countless methods and techniques having been developed over the centuries. While many of these methods are common across different cultures and regions, there are also a number of unique and unusual fishing techniques that are practiced in various parts of the world.

10 Fishing Techniques

Cormorant Fishing in China

Spearfishing Fishing Techniques

Cormorant fishing is a traditional method of fishing that has been practiced in China for over a thousand years. The technique involves training cormorant birds to catch fish on behalf of their human handlers. The birds are fitted with a collar that prevents them from swallowing larger fish, which are retrieved by the fisherman. The practice is still carried out in certain parts of China today, although it is largely considered to be a tourist attraction rather than a sustainable fishing method.

Kite Fishing in New Zealand

Kite fishing is a popular fishing technique used by fishermen in New Zealand to catch large fish such as sharks, tuna and marlin. The technique involves attaching a baited line to a kite, which is then flown over the water. The kite’s natural movements in the wind attract fish to the bait, and once a fish takes the bait, the line is reeled in using a winch.

Tuna Darts in Hawaii

Tuna darts are a unique method of fishing for tuna that was developed in Hawaii. The technique involves using a specially designed dart that is fired from a pneumatic gun into the side of a tuna. The dart contains a length of line that is attached to a buoy, allowing the fisherman to track the fish and reel it in. The fishing technique is controversial, as it can cause serious injury to the fish and is often considered to be inhumane.

Fly Fishing in Scotland

Fly fishing is a technique that is commonly used in Scotland to catch trout and salmon. The method involves using a lightweight fishing rod and an artificial fly to imitate the movements of a natural insect or baitfish. The fly is cast onto the water and then retrieved in a series of short jerks, mimicking the behavior of a real insect or baitfish.

Night Fishing in Thailand

Night fishing is a popular technique used by fishermen in Thailand to catch a variety of freshwater fish, including catfish and snakehead. The method involves setting up a fishing rig with a baited hook, and then waiting for the fish to take the bait. The technique is often practiced at night, as many freshwater fish are more active during the cooler hours.

Ice Fishing in Canada

Ice fishing is a popular technique used by fishermen in Canada to catch fish such as walleye, pike and trout during the winter months. The technique involves drilling a hole through the ice and dropping a baited line into the water below. The fisherman then waits for a fish to take the bait before reeling it in. The technique requires specialized equipment, including ice augers and portable shelters to protect against the cold.

Seine Net Fishing in Peru

Seine net fishing is a traditional method of fishing that is still used by fishermen in Peru to catch anchovies and other small fish. The technique involves using a large net that is dragged through the water by two boats, capturing schools of fish in its path. Seine net fishing techniques are considered to be sustainable, as the net only captures a small percentage of the fish population, allowing them to continue to breed and reproduce.

Spearfishing in Greece

Spearfishing is a popular technique used by fishermen in Greece to catch a variety of fish, including octopus, squid and sea bass. The method involves diving into the water and using a spear to catch the fish. Spearfishing requires a high level of skill and expertise, as the fish must be caught using only the spear and without the aid of fishing gear such as nets or hooks.

Trammel Net Fishing in Portugal

Trammel net fishing is a unique method of fishing that is commonly used in Portugal to catch sardines and other small fish. Trammel net fishing techniques involve using a net that has three layers – an outer layer of large mesh, a middle layer of smaller mesh, and an inner layer of fine mesh. The fish become entangled in the net, allowing the fishermen to retrieve them without causing harm.

Noodling in the United States

Noodling is a highly unusual method of fishing that is practiced in certain parts of the United States. The technique involves catching fish, usually catfish, by hand. The fisherman enters the water and uses their hands to locate a fish in its hiding spot, before grabbing it and pulling it out of the water. The technique is often considered to be dangerous, as many catfish have sharp spines that can cause injury.

There are countless fishing techniques that have been developed across the world over the centuries, many of which are unique and unusual. While some of these methods may seem unconventional or even controversial, they are all important cultural traditions that have been passed down through generations. Whether it’s using trained birds to catch fish in China or diving into the water to catch fish with a spear in Greece, each of these fishing techniques has its own unique history and significance.

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