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Hamilton College ~ Clinton Ny ~ Rogers Estate Mansion ~ Historical ~ Students Residence
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The Basics of Estate Planning: What You Need to Know

Estate planning is a process of making arrangements for how your assets will be distributed after your…

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Nurikabe 101: A Step-by-Step Guide for Solving Your First Puzzle

Nurikabe is a Japanese logic puzzle that has gained popularity worldwide. It is a type of puzzle…

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10 Tips for DIY Wood Work: From Planning to Completion

Wood has been a popular building material for centuries, and it remains so today. It is sustainable,…

Sudoku Jigsaw Puzzle
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Nurikabe vs. Sudoku: Which Puzzle Is Best for You?

Nurikabe and Sudoku are two of the most popular puzzle games today. Both require logic, patience, and…

Silhouette DJ
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The Benefits of Creating a Business Plan for Your Side Hustle

In today’s gig economy, having a side hustle is increasingly becoming a way of life for many…

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The Importance of Estate Planning for Families

Estate planning is often overlooked by many families, yet it is an essential aspect of financial planning….

“There is nothing much to do here. But life is so simple and natural, we have forests, goats, the church, and plenty of good food. Life would definitely be free of stress.”
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How to Plan and Design Your Own Food Forest

A food forest is an excellent way to create a sustainable and diverse food production system in…

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The Role of Prayer in Finding Your Life’s Purpose

The quest for finding your life’s purpose is one of the most important aspects of our existence….

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The Benefits of Keeping a Prayer Journal

Prayer is a vital part of many people’s lives, offering a way to connect with a higher…

Rainbow COLOR FAIRIES SET of 8 figures - wooden toy - Waldorf / Montessori / homeschooling education aid - preschool color matching game
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How to Stay Organized While Homeschooling Your Kids

The decision to homeschool your children can be both exciting and overwhelming. Homeschooling can be a rewarding…